Allahess D Great 1

What's Up Love


20170106_185054 Let me share what I Am to benefit someone that don’t know but want to know. My BEing before publishing my first poem, do what you love I heard so I decided to do me. Making good news great, I can learn on the way to be of greater service? Shhiit, Let me get paid too.

Go-Giver by nature

The network continue to grow

Go-Getta by creation

Service and Product Allahess

Payday come after promotion

Show N Tell


I thought that poetry was for girls until I saw 2pac saying he wrote poetry then turned it into music. I was 13 years old when I began speaking passionately, I call that poetry and I did it with a stutter. I don’t know or have what it take to create great in future days but today I know and have what I wish someone had when I wanted to know. So I stand in the way for eternity to help someone just like me up.

Enjoy your journey

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