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Allahess D Great 1

I was standing on the corner of Brooks and Civic Center in Las Vegas, NV when I realized that I must make it happen and never expect anything to be given to me. Lifestyles of The Rich and Famous or Star Search was my favorite shows to watch on TV but my reality was far from TV reality. I’ll never rely on a hand out or someone to care about my success, I promised myself.

It was the stage and lifestyle more than TV. I grew up entertaining across the Las Vegas valley but always felt like a Martin Luther King Jr or Malcolm X. Life might be short lived so let me make the best of it when I have a message. A couple jobs and 24 years after birth I decided to become a Entrepreneur and after correcting my BEing, I believed. I put action behind it and began writing poetry.

After creating a greater presence with Allah, I submitted as a Christain. I didn’t completely understand a Muslim but I got to know myself. In the Image and Likeness just creating it to be greater with Allahess; THE Creator of GREAT. Submission because there’s no going back and it keep getting GREATER.

I help create GREAT with THE GREAT ONE, Easily and Consistently through Education, Teamwork, Love and Entertainment.

Enjoy Your Journey

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