I Got A Problem With You That’s What The Nigga Told Me

I Can’t Tell I’m Still Walking Around That’s What I Told The Nigga

I Don’t Have Problems Walking Around So What’s Up Nigga

Charlie Brown The Nigga Sound Like Because I’m On MY Shit

Wooo The Nigga Making Life Decision Be Patient and Speak Specifically

Speaking To Educate MYself To The Desire Of the Nigga

Is IT Me or What I’m Doing That’s Misunderstood

Yo Shit Ain’t MY Shit To Have A Problem With IT

The Only Way To Survive Is To Have pride BEing You

Is IT ME or You Misunderstanding ME That’s The Problem Nigga

Real Nigga Soul Flow Like Poetry When I Know Better I Do Better Got Angels Like Mya

Real Nigga Grow Standing With The Lord Bitch Niggas Go Against Theselves


Enjoy Your Journey