As A Man Thinketh

A Nigga Woke Up Crying

Then I took IT Over Dying

That BE The Will Of Allah

The Only Reason I Look Up Smiling

Creation The Destination Fuck Thinking

Experience Educates Just Learn As I GO

The Blessing Is What You BEcome

Favor The Destination In The Presence Of GREAT

BE What You Wanna BE A Decision TO BE GREAT

Want IT Go Get It A Nigga Began In Islam

Submitted To The Mission A Nigga BEcame A Muslim

The Process a Mystery Assalumu ‘Alaikum But The Destination Known

Show N Tell Just pay me for my Results WE Keep The Peace


We have to BE someone that can BE in the presence of others. We learned how to BE according to those who came before us and and during us but the most important to BE in the presence of is self and the creator of our selves. It’s a choice who we mastermind with and choose to BE more like.

Enjoy Your Journey