Lovers Of Themselves

Men will choose to BE

The End Times like Revelations

Got it for Self NOW stand on IT

Give it to others Before they stand BEfore US

Approach US at or Greater Than the Truths WE Hold Ourselves TO

WE Lovers Of Ourselves Without Revelations

No Hand Outs *WE Work 4 IT*To Each His Own Great

BE IT first like a Human BEing and the rest shall follow

Fuck the dirt*WE 1 with ALLAHESS*The Creator of ALL GREAT

Simple Words*Complex Lifestyle*Supreme IN BEing*Just BEing Black

WE Understand then ACT*WE BE The Truth*Never Respond*Just Misunderstood

In The End they shall BE Lovers of Themselves Brought Fear to me as a child sitting in church. You old, I’m young, Fuck you.. Let me live too.. Truth Is that The Greater The Love Is For Ourselves, The Greater We Have IT To Give. To receive great Love We must first Have IT, Than Give IT and the only way to have it greatly is through Experience With The Love Of The Lord..

Enjoy Your Journey