Fork in the road lead to Intelligence

Always BE 100 that’s A Kick stand for the Ladies

Held Accountable for my leadership as a youngsta

I’ll Know IT when I come to IT with Courage I’ll SEE IT

The Game Is Played Best with Great Character NOT Age

Conscious of Actions in Situations that Create Experience

The Hard Road Is sometimes the Best Road But WHY They Don’t KNOW

Most Work for Great and That’s Do It For Self and By Self First

Right to Refuse Service is Law So Martin Luther King Jr. Did IT too

Look Like ME but Ain’t Me to know is Self-Respect

SEE myself in the hood Focused on Great when I picture Great

Expect Perfection Overcoming Obstacles that Create Leaders

Life is Appreciated to Gain Experience on the Journey and that’s Action

Develop Character to Create Great then Star as the Character


Someone had to learn a way to Be to get a certain result. Any results we want and have are created by what we choose to BE. Feed a bear and it will come back for more is one way of showing that our actions have responses. The Great Bear feeder we can call you if you’d like that.

Enjoy Your Journey