Taught me the Game call IT My OG

Learn on the JOB call IT living

To protect U.S against Jokers that’s Government

They use business to restrict monetary gain

M.L.K BLVD in every HOOD IT’s Evident

Blame the white man while looking in the mirror

Black Lives matter but I’m the Nigga to make it count

Nigga, I Love You but don’t Fuck With Me Attitude

Give to Receive Young Nigga Know The Rules

KNOW The Foundations for The BEliefs BEing Marketed

Pimping with a bar code call it Leadership

Go first then Lead the Way with Benefits That’s A Real Nigga

To protect U.S. from Joker’s but here’s the joke

Personal BEliefs create the business

BEliefs can BE Destroyed

Great Get GREAT

It will be faster to travel through air than by car someone may of believed one day and today many be-lieve the same. “When we know better, we do better.” Ms. Maya Angelou, The phylosphies behind our action help us create whatever we want.

Enjoy Your Journey