My Best Interest They Got ?

What I want to Say

The Say Hold Back

Gotta Respect Elders But If I Didn’t CARE ?

Give Before It’s Received Call it Psychic

No Hand outs BOY Ya want it then Go-Get IT.

Punching myself while reflecting in the mirror

Respect myself more? Watching ME GO AT GREAT


Meet ME AT THE TRUTH Nothing Less

My Greatest Interest I Got

Say What I Want AMEN

Great Respect Meet Or Exceed Even elders Die

Given B4 It’s Received Call IT Science

ALLAH The Substance Of ALL Hoped For

As-salaamu ‘alaykum

Gotta have it for self first then we can give to others. We learn to feed ourselves then feed children or our parents learned to feed themselves before learning how to feed us. We benefit others by learning to BE what benefits self most then we can give it and the more we have for self the greater we have to give to others. IT’s A Choice.

Enjoy Your Journey