I submitted I’m A MUSLIM
I followed I was A Christian
Fuck The Plug And Play System
Here’s The Options Now Choose Wisely
columbus found America Before Britain
Before The Indians came Britain
Nobody gotta see shit to smell it
Be what YOU wanna BE
Created For Service
Working For SECURITY
SOCIAL without Media
Get In Where You Fit IN
I followed with NO Glitches
Nigga’s keep Talking
Bitches Keep Watching
My POETRY Revelations when Nigga’s read IT
Got’em Repenting Before Evidence Known
I submitted to Allah
No Need For Forgiveness
BE what YOU want To BE

Our bodies are the computer and we choose what we want to do by programming IT. We wake up one day and see people walking, praying, smoking, running, crying, mad, happy, say, prosperous then slowly work to become the same. Learning on the JOB we Call That Living Life. The best computer’s do what we want then to do but someone program them to do it. WE can program ourselves to Create GREAT BY Choice.

Enjoy Your Journey