Live Your Passion

Follow Your gut

Listen to Your Intuition

Chase Your Dreams

Old people say they learn Everyday

Young But MUSLIMS chase Knowledge

Educate to Create GREAT

TRUTH BE The Creator Of The Image In The Mirror

Argue BEliefs that can BE Destroyed

Black and Shine In The Dark

Markets Get Targeted


Terrorist If i Organize

Personal BEliefs Create The business

In A Christain Nation Like Damn

Men submitted we call them evil

Define IT as followers of Christ

Allah send visions they say Dreaming

Knowledge without action is dreaming

Favor From My Actions keep Allah GREAT

Allah communicating without acknowledging IS Intuition

One with Allah Stay Submitted To The WILL

They follow their gut to death without Allah

I SEE IT, I Want IT, I Get IT

That’s ONE With ALLAH Not Passion

Old people say they learn everyday

33 and IT BE Always Like BEfore TIME


We always learn on the job. The hard part is in the beginning because we to learn how to get our own results. Someone failed forward BEfore succeeding then turned around and told us about it. NO One can BE YOU and get the same  exact Results.

Enjoy Your Journey