Presence felt NO need for words

I KNOW but if you knew WE KNOW Would You

Receiving after Giving OUR Peace is the Final Result

Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, 2Pac and so on

Self-Respect Is a Action Presence Felt NO Need For Words

Stay outta my shit too Self-Respect Is A Action

Gotta BE IT to Change IT Self-Respect Is A Action

Do It then Explain IT Self-Respect Is A Action

Bangin On The Creator of the Beliefs that Created our Actions

Policies and Procedures Create the way of BEing in Business

Businesses Create the Lifestyle WE chose to Live

Government Control and Create the policies and procedures

Admire the Lifestyle but Cowards DIE a Thousand Deaths

Character is developed by Action the Creator of Habit

Admire the choices but Self-Respect Is A Action

My BEing is the Mother Fuckin Interruption

Got Something from Black Folks and IT Ain’t Luck

We do what’s in our best interest at all times. We grow through life learning what is and is not right for us, the trick is BEing educated in the situation or getting the correct information to make a great decision. Self-Respect help us create our own great and that needs no excuse or permission.

Enjoy Your Journey