Expereince come at start

Started Living Learn on the way

Gotta Create Great my first step

Gotta Create Great my first word

Showed Faith putting my story in a box

Working a job Demonstrated The Evidence of my Faith

Blessings at the Destination That come after The Work

Hustle MY BEing All I gotta Do Is WORK for It

Dream after I wanted IT Never Before

The Creator of Peace BEing Focused on my WILL

Thankful for the Ability to Travel the Journey

One with The Creator Of The Substance

Been going from HUH to I KNOW since Birth

Thankful for the Ability To Do with THE CREATOR OF GREAT

Allahess THEE Substance OF GREAT Create IT by Choice

We Represent a piece of a great picture that the Lord has created but the best way to see it is to add your piece, Purpose many call it. The beginning of the journey is difficult but after we look throughout our lives and see how many journey’s we begin NOT knowing what’s next then still travel the distance to our destination. We know it’s Learn as we Go.

Enjoy your journey