No slip N Slide after a phone

Got mad at a man I never met

Subdued the devil after blacking out

Had to get it out like the last of the tooth paste

Decisions made with my feet up and Emotions Solid

Give then Receive Actions Truthful sometimes Silent

What’s Up Love I asked Is This Shit Real

We create what we want and Life looking like a movie

Boyz And Girls N The Hood got that Come Up and Get Out Attitude

While Focused On Great everything Possible So WE Optimistic

Learn HOW to Got IT after wanting It Because Success Is Habit

I made a decision to BE mad and met the devil

I made a decision to BE Love and met Allahess

God back in the day as a Christian But The Highest of High

Jesus have a creator the confusion lead to my own journey

TRUTH seeker on the journey What WE SEE Is Real

Accountable for ME that’s A Decision NO Compassion

A decision to BE is simple but the work is on the journey and it’s worth it. Everybody give first by what they choose to BE then we receive it in return, for best results always choose GREAT.

Enjoy Your Journey