Organizations they call them jobs

So Fuck who ain’t bangin

Supreme like NO Body

Bangin like smoke signals

Understand to miss IT is a choice

IT BE On the come up

Allahess BE THEE Creator Of Great

One with the submission is GREAT

TRUE To Thine Own Self BE THE WILL

WHO Bangin On Judgement Day

In The Beginning I’M Where The Work AT

IT BE Allahess

The Biggest Blackest Pimp Mother Fucker

Done Passed test with Essays Riding with OG’s

Speak to Create Great I’M on MY Pimp Shit

Black and Original I BE The Substance of My Work

All Things are Greater WITH Enjoy The Lifestyle

We learn to walk, cry, be happy, be sad, be mad as children with a mastermind group. The evidence of our actions BE great if we choose to create it and we also have the ability to create great with a mastermind group. BE is A action and that causes a reaction so BE YOU.

Enjoy your journey