Crazy BE the way

WE here Keep the compliments

Shit ain’t make sense

No excuses for Go-Getta’s

Go-Giver’s Create Heaven

Get IT with Great

Soul on Progress

The Creator of IT Great

Desire to create self define the results

Understanding come after Patience

Love BE the substance

Allahess BE the creator of the substance

Great Spirit We WONE with IT

Walked up Like What Up

It just appeared to come Off the cross

Submitted to a presence with Great

Let’s Get IT

I was 24 years old when I realized as a Christain, how much of my life was done with the presence of the Lord when I chose to give the Lord my soul by creating a greater presence. No hand outs just a greater presence then I became a Muslim; one who willingly submits to Allahess. I eat pork and never pray but I’m right with Allah. I promise. Who we Mastermind with we become more like by choice.

Enjoy your journey